Looking back, a different season

We visited the airport this past weekend, it was a family outing of sorts. Even though my husband was off on a business trip and Jenny was sad about him leaving us for a little while, she has wanted to visit the airport for a long time now. Unfortunate,ly the times that we live in mean there isn’t a viewing deck anymore, but she did catch a glimpse of one plane taking off and see a few parked on the runway too which she thought was pretty awesome.

As we checked his bag in and got his boarding passes, a flood of memories of my own trips came back to me. I am so blessed to have traveled to quite a few different countries when I was a videogame journalist, adventures that I had such fun on and will treasure forever. That traveling came to a screeching halt when I was pregnant with Amy, and since then collecting stamps in my passport has been sidelined.

Having children changes your life so dramatically, in so many different ways, and it’s so hard to describe all of those ways until you’re a parent yourself. Of course I wouldn’t change any of it, it goes without saying that I love my two children with all my heart. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss those more carefree days…days when I could just throw some clothes into a suitcase and add another stamp to my passport.

We have different seasons in our lives, and each season has its up and downs. While I have enjoyed the different seasons in my life, including the current one of looking after my two children, I do still sometimes catch myself looking back wistfully and remembering the seasons that have past. Some days it feels as if I will never have seasons like that again.

While we may travel again (and hopefully soon), we will have kids with us this time, and that will change everything. Yet while it will no doubt make many things much harder, it will also give us the chance to experience things in different ways, and through the eyes of little people who have yet to experience these things in their lives. Jenny was excited just to see the luggage moving onto the conveyor belt, can you imagine her level of excitement when we actually board a plane? The mind boggles!

And so a new season will begin, a season to share our past life experiences with our children, and build new memories together. This new season scares me a little, but I also can’t wait to see where it takes us.


Goodnight Baby Moon

My little girl is fascinated with the moon, she often wants to go outside to see the moon and stars shining at night time. She is equally as excited to see it in the sky during the day too, where she keeps track of whether it’s waxing or waning. Sometimes I wonder if I have a future astronomer in my home!

Goodnight Baby Moon is a beautiful bedtime story featuring a stunning light-up LED moon on the cover. In other words, this book is perfect for my daughter and has been a popular choice for many nights now.

The story follows a family of inquisitive rabbits as they notice the different phases of the moon. It’s told in short rhyming verse and is wonderfully illustrated with deep blues and purples along with the rabbit’s dark shadows to show off the world at night.

Being a board book it’s safe for even the smallest little hands to hold and enjoy, and it won’t be long before the kiddies know where to turn the lovely light-up moon on the cover on too! Reading and learning about how the moon goes away but always comes back is also an important lesson for our children to learn, since it mirrors the role we as parents play in their lives too – we may go away but we will always come back.

Goodnight Baby Moon is a special book that inquisitive young minds will enjoy reading together with you. Given its beautiful cover and charming story it would also make a wonderful gift to any new mom or mom-to-be.

Goodnight Baby Moon is available at bookstores and online retailers now.


Don’t let them dull your sparkle

Christmas this year with my two kiddies was magical. Ethan’s first Christmas last year he was way too small to understand any of what was going on, but this year he was so excited by the Christmas decorations and absolutely loved opening his presents on Christmas morning. Jenny was just old enough to finally really enjoy all of the amazing lead-up to the big day. We kicked off our Christmas Elf tradition, and that really added a fun new element to our festivities (more on this and meeting Santa another day).

Another thing that Jenny loved was learning and singing Christmas carols. She learned a few fun tunes from school which she taught Ethan and I, but we also learned more traditional Christmas carols from our lovely Christmas CD from Pan Macmillan. During the weeks before Christmas, I would often hear her singing quietly to herself or more loudly for all of us. Even when we were out at the shops she could often be heard belting out Christmas tunes from the shopping aisles. A number of times we had people following us and I’m sure it was so that they could listen to her beautiful singing.

Ethan picked up a few tunes too. It really made my heart warm to hear the two of them humming carols or singing them together even. It usually sounded like this….Jenny: Father Christmas, Father Christmas, he got stuck (Ethan: stuck). Jenny: Climbing down the chimney, climbing down the chimney, what bad luck (Ethan: luck). And yes, Jenny does also celebrate the real reason for the season, so I loved that ‘Away in a Manger’ was one of her favorite songs. I felt like she was being a little missionary in her own right, spreading joy and love.

Christmas has passed for this year, the tree is packed away and the presents have all been opened, but her Christmas cheer is still here! She’s still belting out the Christmas tunes and carols, and I have to admit I still love it. I love that she loves to sing, I love that she’s a happy girl. I once read that a child who sings is a happy child. And I’m happy to know that my little girl is happy, because boy does she sing!

The other day she was singing yet another carol when a friend told her Christmas is over, you can’t sing carols anymore. She asked me about it that evening, and I saw her spark was shining a little dimmer. I told her you can sing whatever you want, whenever you want. Christmas carols spread cheer, and I sure do love to hear my little girl singing with all her happy heart and spreading a little cheer, even though Christmas is over for now. Just think of it as practicing for this year!

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle girl, keep on shining your light bright.


Childhood memories

Think about your childhood for a minute. Close your eyes and let those memories of your younger days come flooding back. What do you remember? Roast chicken for Sunday lunch, listening for Santa’s reindeer at Christmas time, searching for hidden Easter eggs in piles of hay. Bottle feeding calves, riding a horse even though he’s a bit wild, a gang of giggling girls, freshly baked pancakes with my Gran. These are just a few of the memories I have, the treasured experiences that helped to shape me into who I am today.

Of course not all of our memories are fond, I remember not liking minestrone soup and cabbage, foods that to this day I dislike. I remember being naughty and running away from my Mom, that one time I was sent out of the classroom for talking in primary school, falling off a motorbike.

Now think about your children. What will their memories be? Both good and bad. We must always remember that we are shaping their memories. I want Amy to remember candles at dinnertime, fun tickles when she wakes in the morning, hugs in the evening, splashing in the pool on a hot summer day, snuggling with the dogs when she was sad…I want her to remember fun times at home, love, laughter and happiness.

Of course she will no doubt also remember that I made her try and eat a tomato, just once to make sure she actually didn’t like its taste, and that I always tried to smuggle a pea or two into her mouth hidden amongst the mashed potato. She’ll remember those times she didn’t want to nap, but I insisted it was best for her, that time she had bronchitis and she needed an X-ray but I couldn’t come in with her because I was pregnant, when she was naughty and had a time-out.

But even though she may have memories of some tough times too, I want her life to be overflowing with memories of the good times. I want those memories to wrap her up and engulf her so tightly that they will make the others seem small and insignificant.

And if one day she can say that she had a happy time growing up with Mom and Dad, that she has happy memories of triangle cheese toast after school, reading funny Hairy Maclary rhymes, dancing to silly songs, sharing hot chocolate on a cold day, hidden marshmallows after bathtime, learning to share toys with her brother, then we would have done a good job and can sit down to finally enjoy a (hopefully hot) cup of tea.


Winnie-the-Pooh: The Great Heffalump Hunt

If there’s anything that frightens Winnie the Pooh, other than running out of honey, it’s Heffalumps. You do of course know what a Heffalump is, don’t you? It’s an elephant-like creature that has been known to cause poor ol’ Pooh bear many a sleepless night because it seems intent on stealing his precious honey.

Winnie-the-Pooh: The Great Heffalump Hunt is written by the very talented Giles Andreae, who also wrote one of my all-time favorite books Giraffes Can’t Dance. The story sees Pooh and Piglet bravely deciding to catch a Heffalump with a cunning trap baited with “a yumptious jar of honey.” The friends split up – Piglet is to dig the pit and Pooh is to fetch the honey. With the trap set the two plan to meet the next day to see what they’ve caught.

But Pooh is hungry, and when he discovers his last jar of honey was used in the trap he sets out into the dark forest to eat just one more pawful. Piglet, meanwhile, is scared, and longing for his best friend Pooh to be with him, and so he also sets out alone to find comfort from him.

What’s that “mournful, muffled moan”? Who is in the pit? Have they caught a Heffalump?

The Great Heffalump Hunt is a wonderful Winnie the Pooh story of friendship to share with your children. They will love the rhyming verse and the beautiful, coloured illustrations to accompany the tale of Pooh and Piglet’s brave new adventure. If you love Pooh Bear this is a must to add to your book shelf! It’s a lovely big book for children to hold, with a beautiful cover that features silver embossed stars and leaves as well as raised flickering fireflies.



You may have experienced a flashback before, sometimes a smell or a song can transport you back in time and the memory can be so vivid in your mind. The other day I had a flashforward.

I was sitting on the couch when a song came on and my little boy of just one ran to me, grabbed me by my hand and pulled me to come and dance with him. As he did and I stood up, allowing myself to be led into the middle of the lounge, I suddenly had a flashforward.

I saw my little man all grown up, I saw him take my hand and lead me onto the dance floor with the same love and enthusiasm that he was doing so now. But it was his wedding day and I was a proud mom who still loved her son with all her heart.

It was just one second, and then the feeling was gone and I was back in the present with my little boy holding onto my hand so tight while we danced together on the carpet at home. I don’t remember this happening to me ever before, but I felt at peace knowing our bond was still so strong and his love for me unchanging, even years from now in the future.

From the day Ethan has been born he has been a blessing in my life. Right from the start he was most comfortable sleeping on my chest, I think it was his favourite thing to do in the world. As he grew he started to hold my hand when he drifted off to sleep, and it’s something he still likes to do now. He also still likes to stroke my hair to soothe himself, and he continues to give me the tightest hugs I have ever had. Such love this little boy has for me that I am still in awe of it every day.

But the days pass quickly, too quickly for my liking. And so I hold his hand as tightly as I can, I dance with him in my arms while he still fits, and I squeeze back just as tightly when we hug. Remember to take the time to dance with your children, to hug them close, and to slow down to enjoy these special times before they become but a memory, a flashback for another day.


Being the perfect mom

It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. But what if you don’t have a village?

Well it’s just as important to have a mom tribe, a group of moms who will be there for you no matter what. I call them my no-matter-what friends.

We often share mom jokes with one another, and when we get the chance we meet for ladies night too. And I can’t tell you how rejuvenating those jokes and that time spent together is. It’s like a breath of fresh air to my tired mom bones, to hear about their challenges of motherhood, to maybe cry a little over daughters’ independence, and yes to laugh over kiddies (and hubbies) antics too. Food for the soul. And no dishes to wash either…it’s a win-win!

Being a mom sometimes leaves me so tired that I wonder how I will push through. I have so many balls in the air to juggle that I wonder what will happen if one falls. And there are always those little eyes watching me that I feel the pressure of wanting to be, and needing to be, the perfect mom.

But is there such a thing as the perfect mom? To my mind no, to my kids minds I think yes. Something I saw shared earlier today spoke to my heart and to the battle fighting raging within me at the moment. “All your kids want is you. Not the fit mom, not the Pinterest mom, not the PTA mom, not every other mom you think you should be. All they want is you, so be the happiest you there ever was.”

Wow. Isn’t that just so true moms?

Is your house ever tidy enough? Do your kids ever eat enough veges? Is the washing basket ever empty? We torture ourselves with trying to be the perfect mom every day. When the truth is we already are.  From the moment that little person was born into this world and made us a mom we have been the perfect mom to them. Chosen so specially to be their mom and with the knowledge that we would try our very best every day to be the best mom for them that we could be. And that’s good enough moms.

So, my advice to you is this. Yes, try to be the best mom you can be, but don’t spend so much time worrying about being that perfect mom that you miss being their mom, already perfect to them. And make sure that you find yourself a bunch of no-matter-what friends, because we all need support from other moms, a shoulder to cry on and a good barrel of laughs every now and then. Plus no dishes, because that’s important too.


We’re going on an adventure

A little while ago we went away on a family holiday to the Berg. I’ve often heard it said that “each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” This was such a special time together and I am so happy to know that we made so many new memories for our children to treasure.

The weather wasn’t so great, it was a bit chilly and even rainy on some days. Yet for the first time in my life, this didn’t worry me. We were all together, we were relaxed, and we still had fun indoors when it was miserable out. We built a fire, we played board games, we read books, and we even caught up on a few naps.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more of a conservative mom when it comes to the weather conditions. Life is just so much harder with two small littlies when they are sick. So when my daughter asks me if she can play outside and it’s windy, I rather suggest something to do inside, and when she wants to splash in the puddles I say maybe later. It comes from a place of love, of wanting to protect her from being ill. It also comes from a place of self-preservation, from acknowledging a struggle some days to keep my head above water with juggling the demands of my two young children. But that doesn’t mean I miss seeing the disappointed look on her face and feel my heart break a little to see her sadness. That doesn’t mean I wish I was more of the cool mom, the happy go lucky mom who bundles her kids up and lets them play outside even when it’s windy, or pops some boots on and says sure go jump in the puddles.

So when we were away and Amy asked if she could go and jump in the puddles, I thought why not and kitted her and Ethan out in their gumboots and let them go splash a little in the muddy puddles. That evening I asked her what her favorite thing about that day had been, and I felt my heart grow when she said splashing in the puddles. I have fond memories of when I was younger and went for dips in the mountain streams that run through this area. Inspired by her enjoyment of the puddles the day before I decided to go looking for a stream. I packed a change of clothes and some towels and we set off. Unfortunately, because there had been heavy rain during the night the streams were now big rivers that were now running too fast to have a dip.

But while walking back to our chalet we discovered a smaller stream and I stripped them down and they went for a quick dip. Squeals of delight at the surprise of the chilly water and squelching mud were more than enough to know this was now the new highlight of their day. A quick walk back to the chalet and into a warm bath with more happy laughter and then some hot chocolate in front of the fire inside made this day extra special, and one that will live on forever in my memory bank too.


Artwork is hard work from the heart

Amy loves to paint and craft. Every day she spends time in the craft room and comes home with an assortment of different creations. After class she proudly tells me that she made artwork that we need to collect before hometime. And if we ever forget to collect said artwork…well, let’s just say our little artist can be a little temperamental.

Our little girl pronounces it as a combination of “heartwork” and “hardwork.” Even though I do correct it with her, I have to admit I find this pronunciation pretty cute and it still makes me smile. Isn’t it so true that art is actually both of those things combined…its hard work that comes from the heart!

But as any parent knows all artwork isn’t created equal. We do get some beautiful art projects that are done with a bit more supervision from the teachers. These ones are proudly displayed on the fridge or pinned up on her board in her room. I find she really enjoys seeing her art out in the house and it brings us all a little smile on dreary days. When I get a new one to stick up I make sure to tuck the other one away safely for her record book (which I still promise myself I will get around to some day).

So, the question is, what do we do with the other artwork? The paint splattered drips (future Jackson Pollock?) and pieces constructed from recycled material are a bit of a nuisance not only to display but to store later too. And to be honest not all of them are worth saving for the record book either! Yet knowing how much heart and hard work she puts into her art, and seeing how proud she is of each of the art creations, I find it difficult to throw them out. Often I will take a photo of the art and then secretly pop it into the recycling bin outside. Less chance of it being discovered, I hope.

Do any of you have budding artists, and what do you do with all of the art that comes home from school?


Perfect imperfections

If only we could look at ourselves through our children’s eyes. We wouldn’t see the tired eyes that we ourselves see looking back at ourselves every morning, we wouldn’t see the bit of extra weight from Christmas sitting around our hips that we ourselves wish wasn’t there, we wouldn’t see the frustration at yet another drink spilled that had to be cleaned up and wonder how many more times we must mop up today, we wouldn’t see the exhausted tears that we wipe away as we deal with another tantrum over something that seems so trivial to us.

Instead we would see the excitement of seeing a Mom that we love so dearly every morning, her eyes lighting up to get a too early snuggle despite a night filled with many interruptions of little feet padding through in the middle of the night. We would see a Mom who we admire dancing in the lounge to her favourite song as she swings you around even though her arms are so tired from holding you all day. We would see a Mom who we are so grateful for understanding that we are little and make mistakes, and who gives us a chance to learn new things even though we do sometimes make a mess. We would see a Mom who hugs us and understands just how important it is that we have a blue coloured mug even though yesterday our favourite colour wasn’t blue.

We would see less of our imperfections, and more of how perfect we are exactly as we are. That to our children even our imperfections are perfect, and that we are so loved as their precious Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day. On this special day I wish you every happiness and a bit of a spoil, but most importantly I wish that you will see yourself as your children do. The most perfect mom for them, and so very, very loved.